Chewable Read!

I just saw a post from a co-blogger Threads & Bobbins about her experiment with a handmade cloth book for a little one. This inspired me to write about mine too.

Cloth Book – Rainbow

There was a time when my daughter would chew anything she could lay her hands on. She especially loved books. All her baby books and my magazines would get chomped on on all 4 corners :). Thats the time I decided to make a little cloth book, all for herself and one I knew she could chew to her heart’s content.

I made this cloth book about a year back using a lot of the scrap cloth that I had left over from previous sewing projects. Made a few mistakes. Learnt a lot of lessons. It turned out ok, overall.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the tutorial for this one. Do keep following my posts. I plan on putting up a tutorial soon. A friend of mine is delivering a little girl this month and I am pretty sure about what I want to make for her :).

I shot a little video of the finished book so that I could show the book to my mom and sisters (hadn’t imagined I’d be using it in my blog someday :)).

Disclaimer: Video could sound a little amateurish :P.

You can make it as simple/elaborate as you choose. Mine lies somewhere in the middle. It does involve a good amount of machine embroidery (mostly satin/zigzag stitch), but all you need is a basic sewing machine.

Comments/Suggestions are most welcome!

Happy Making!


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