Fitted crib sheets

Pregnancy is such an exciting phase for a first time mom. I was thrilled too and doubly excited when I found out I was having a daughter. I’ve always wanted a little girl, someone I could play with, pamper, make pretty things for and share secrets with :-).

There came a time when I was all about getting the house ready for the baby. I wanted to clear out wardrobe space, pantry space, buy a new toy chest..and so on and so forth. In short, I drove my husband crazy :).  I learnt later that there’s even a medical term for this kind of an obsessive behavior. I believe, its called ‘nesting’. Nesting we are. Aren’t we, when we are preparing ourselves for that one little thing which will turn our world upside down?

It was such a rush setting up the crib. I would sometimes sit at my corner of the bed, look at the crib and wonder how it would be to suddenly have another living/breathing human sharing the house with us.

Crib sheets are one of the first things I sewed for my daughter.In fact, I made them a couple of months before she was born.  The crib rails make it very hard to get your hands in to tuck in the regular sheets. I really like the fitted sheet because it makes the job of changing sheets a breeze. It slides in like a glove. Also, Fitted crib sheets are the safest choice for your little one.

These are very easy to make and great first step for an amateur tailor. So, go run to your favorite fabric store, pick up a fun fabric, catch hold of your scissors and get started.


Supplies you need:

  • Fabric, 1.5-2 yards(depending on the size of your mattress)
  • Elastic, about 1 -1.5 yards


Get a print out of the pattern here – Fitted crib sheet – pdf

Fitted crib sheetHow to:

Cut a rectangular fabric of required length. Cut out squares of 53/4″*53/4″ inches on all edges.


Hold the two sides of each of the square and pin them together.

Sew along the side.  To reduce fraying, seal the ends with a serger if you have one, else you can a run a zigzag stitch like I’ve done.

Once you’re done with all 4 edges, the sheet will start looking like a bed skirt.

All you need to do now, is close the unfinished side and string the elastic through it.

Make two folds along the edge – the first one 1/2″ and the second 1″. Press as you fold if that makes you more comfortable.

Stitch along the edge leaving a small opening to insert the elastic.

Use a safety pin to string the elastic in. How much elastic you need will depend on the elasticity and the size of your mattress. Approximately 1.5 yards should work for most cases.  One tip to keep your elastic from getting lost in the loop is to pin the other end of the elastic to the opening.

If you have the mattress handy, before you cut off the elastic, pin the two ends of elastic together and try to cover the mattress.  If it is too tight you could loosen it or vice versa.

Stitch the ends together and close the opening. It could get a little tricky to get the elastic to stay in place. Don’t worry if the stitches aren’t perfect (Look at mine. Lol!),  the elastic is going to get hidden anyway.  Just make sure to run several stitches (maybe even a zigzag) to ensure the two ends are attached strongly.

Run a straight stitch along the mouth and sew it close.

Here’s how your finished crib sheet will look.  It might look a little shapeless and wonky. Don’t worry, it’ll gain shape when you wrap it around the mattress.


I made this one for a friend who is due soon. I don’t have any pictures of it wrapped on yet because hers is a full size crib and mine is the mini crib. I’ll wait until I get pics from her.

Meanwhile, here are a few pics of a similar crib sheet I made for my daughter.

Until next time, Happy Making!


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