Pattu pavadai sattai…

Last week I made this little “pavadai sattai” for my friend’s baby. It’s been 2 months since she delivered and I’ve been waiting to go meet the little one. December was just crazy busy with the holidays and family visiting from out of town. We decided to drop in in this Sunday and I so badly wanted to carry something handmade for the baby.I had no time to go and shop for material. I had to quickly put together something with the stuff i already had. So, here’s what I came up with. (I don’t have a lot of pics as i was in so much hurry to get this thing ready before I left to see my friend. In fact, I finished it 10 min before we stepped out ;))


Pavadai sattai is a traditional attire worn by young girls in south India. It’s usually made in lustrous silk with real gold trims and accessorized with handmade embroidery. Today, it’s not very commonly seen in urban areas and worn just on special occasions like the day of a festival, a wedding or while visiting a temple.  It consists of an inner ankle length pinafore and a top.

In India, when you buy sarees, you always get piece of cloth ( approximately a yard) which you can use for the blouse that is worn with the saree and need to be tailored to your measurements. Most of our traditional sarees are made of pure silk/silk cotton. Most women (my mom and MIL included) don’t use these attached material for getting their blouses tailored. They go for a simple more organic material like cotton and save these attached pieces for me to experiment with my sewing :). Last time I was in India, along with whatever fabric my mom had saved up for me I also picked up a few matching trims and accessories I thought I could use.  It’s so fun stitching for babies.  It’s like sewing for dolls. You can make a fabulous dress with just a piece of left over fabric or scrap cloth.

I made a similiar one for my daughter a couple of years back when she was just a month old.


I do certainly hope to keep trying and improve further and may be, if i feel confident even put up a tutorial for all of you soon.

Update: Made matching outfits for my doll and hers this winter :). Such fun! Daughters are such a blessing! I am getting to relive my childhood again with her.



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