Handmade gifts: Cards for teachers and a treasure for mom

My little one is 2 yrs old now. Guess they don’t call it “Terrible twos” for nothing. With every passing week, she’s learning new ways to test my patience 🙂 If there’s even few minutes that she isn’t attended to, she gets cranky, get into a nagging mode and throws all kinds of tantrums. Her outbursts have a domino effect – I cant handle them- I get cranky and irritated – I do my share of passing the bad mood on to my hubby  :P.For the sanity of the household, keeping my little one busy has become the most important task for me. I have to keep coming up with some idea or the other to keep her engaged.

Planning to share some that worked. Hope they are of some help to another sleep deprived/tired mom..

My daughter has recently started attending day care. The teachers there tell me that she has a fantastic time doing all the coloring/gluing projects. This week being the “staff appreciation week”, she and I sat down to make a little card for her teachers. I looked up on Pinterest and found a few very cute ideas.

Here’s what we made.


V was extremely co-operative. She let me trace her hand, watched patiently as I cut out the shapes.

All the glue and sticker work is mostly done by her. When gluing the hand/star she was super excited till she got to the 4th card. After that, her patience ran out and she ran away to play with some of her other toys 🙂


For the backside of the card, I had no plans initially, but I remembered my girl is crazy about stickers and that’s something that she can do for hours (which meant more nag free time for me. Yaay! ) I traced these circles with a marker and her task was to fill them up with whatever sticker she liked, only rule being , she needed to stay inside the circle.


While she was at it,  I had some time to kill, cards in my hand and a marker. Before I knew it, I was decorating the cards. I had to literally convince myself to not over do it and spoil the card.

All in all, this was a fun little project and kept her motivated and busy for the entire morning.

And yes, here’s the gift she made for me at her school for mothers day which happens to be this sunday. I already know I am going to look at this pic after she’s all grown up and shed tears.

mothersday plaque

A very happy Mothers day to all moms out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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