Crocheting for a cause

Am so excited about this post!!!

A few of us in my neighborhood have gotten together and decided to knit/crochet scarves for charity. This project was initiated by a wonderful lady who decided she wanted to tick an item off her bucket list – The goal is to make and donate a 100 hand knit scarves to the lesser privileged. I am so glad she decided to involve more of us in the community who could/wanted to work the yarn.

Well! We all have busy lives, with little ones to cater to and other commitments to pursue. So we decided to aim towards making at least one scarf a week. Most of us are beginners at knitting/crocheting, but with an enthusiasm of a 4 yr old :). Also, It is so fun to interact with  people with shared interests. We’ve also decided to catch up at a common location every week to help one another out and share our ideas/concerns.

My first lesson on crocheting was about 2 years back. I learnt it by watching youtube videos. Seriously! I LOVE this age of internet. If you have the will to learn, you can learn anything from cooking to sewing to music to building software sitting inside the comfort of your home.  I cant say it enough; I owe a lot to youtube and fellow bloggers who have been my constant source of inspiration. From ideas to tutorials, its just fabulous the amount of knowledge the world is sharing today.

I want to log my progress and share my work on the blog. So here I am.

Scarf #4 (05/21): Finally got to work on on my 4th scarf ( May be I should say I finally got to finish it. I’ve been working on it on and off for quite some time now) . I’ve been wanting to try the ripple pattern for long. The ripples look so pretty especially when you color block/change colors every other row.  Again, I found this really helpful tutorial on youtube. The best thing about this video is the technique she uses to change the yarn color without cutting the yarn off every time. I do believe that as the number of knots increase in this project the weaker it gets. You want anything thats wearable and washable to be as sturdy as it can be and this approach does just that.

I used a 4mm (size G6) crochet hook. The yarns used are Caron simply soft and Bernat softee baby, both of which are 100% acrylic. The entire scarf uses a double crochet with alternating increases and decreases in the number of stitches that create the ripple effect. I used single crochet for the border and added fringes to the ends to increase the length by a few inches.


Here’s a link to the video tutorial I learnt this stitch from

Scarf #3 (02/14): Happy Valentine’d day folks! Finished a third scarf this week. I was really late on this one and wanted to make something that I could finish quickly, so this time instead of crocheting one strand at a time I used two. I used a 6mm (size J10) crochet hook for this one. One of the yarn is Caron simply soft 100% acrylic yarn and the other is Red Heart acrylic yarn. I used a double crochet with a single crochet border and finished by adding fringes to the ends.



Here’s a nice video with instructions on how to create fringes for your yarn work.

Scarf #2 (02/04): Finally got done with another one. I’ve used granny square (on the straight) stitch here. I used a 4mm (size G6) crochet hook for this and and Caron simply soft 100% acrylic yarn.

I ran my stitched lengthwise instead of widthwise ( only because I wanted to reduce switching colors too often). After I finished I realized the scarf could use some more length. To add to the length I added a few more rows of single, double and granny square stitches on both sides. This time, I worked widthwise though.

The youtube video that inspired me to try this is embedded below.


Scarf #1 (01/29)I have completed one scarf and almost finishing the next. This one is in puff stitch. The scarf is about 4.5 ft long and 10″ wide. I used a 6mm (size J10) crochet hook and Caron simply soft 100% acrylic yarn. My base row is about 35 chains long.

I wouldn’t say I am super happy with the finishing, but I’ll get better as I practice and learn more techniques 🙂


I learnt this stitch from a video on youtube uploaded by Enchantelle who sounds like such a fun girl. Here’s a link to her video if you want to try this stitch.

Watch the space for more……………

p.s: If you work with or know of any organization which can benefit from a project like this, please please do write about it in the comments section. If you’d prefer to send me a private message, here’s my email ID:

Happy Making!!!


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