Crocheted baby blanket for my most favorite baby boy!

Today I have some news I am thrilled to share with you – I became a second time mom this summer and this time to a darling little baby boy. This pregnancy was such a contrast when compared to my first one. The whole thing went by within a blink of an eye. Funny how for your first child it is all about “the pregnancy” and with the consequent ones it is just another year passing by with a squealing-hungry baby at the finish 😛

Before I knew it I was in the last month of pregnancy and I realized I hadn’t made anything for the little one. I wanted to at the least knit a baby blanket similar to the one I made for my daughter when she was born. I finally sat down to making one just two weeks before my son arrived. By no means am I a fast crocheter. I had to literally crochet for 3-4 hrs a day to finish the blanket on time. Also, there’s no way I can crochet with my daughter awake. The moment she sees me with a ball of yarn she comes running, pulls the yarn out of the bag, hugs it, rolls on the floor with it (and around herself!!!) , so the only time I can crochet peacefully is at night after the entire house has quietened down. There is one perk to crocheting at night though. I finally get my alone time with the television (and remote, mainly). Yaay!

Here’s a peek at what I made…



Like I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve recently been smitten by the ripple pattern. I cant seem to get enough of it. I browsed through loads of baby blankets on pinterest and landed on the purlbee site where I saw an ombre chevron baby blanket and fell in love instantly.

Inspired by this, I bought 7 skeins of yarn in different shades of blue and green and got to work.


The chevron and ripple patterns are very similar except that peaks and valleys in a chevron pattern are much sharper than the ripple. There a number of tutorial videos on ripple pattern that are available youtube.

IMG_6990With the blanket that I had made for my daughter, the stitches were pretty far apart, which made the blanket light and airy but the problem with it was that her tiny toes and fingers would get caught between them. So, with this blanket I wanted the stitches to be close together and opted for double crochet, but then now the issue is that the blanket has turned out slightly heavier than I would have liked :(. Lesson learnt – Opt for a light weight yarn for projects like these.


I also made my munchkin a cute little cap with the leftover yarn 🙂


There you go! Let me know what you think.

Until next time, Happy making!


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