DIY butterfly wings for Halloween

Yaay! Its the end of October and halloween is around the corner. I love this festival when I get to dress up the kids in fun costumes and click loads of pictures. This is V’s third halloween. The first time she was a little ladybug and the second one a pirate. The last two years, it was I who would decide what to dress her up as and I don’t think I am getting those golden years back 🙂

This year she decided she wanted to be a butterfly. Luckily a friend of mine handed me down a butterfly costume that her daughter had outgrown. It is an extremely cute costume with a cute little orange tutu and a band with little pompom antennas. Only catch was it was sans wings. I looked up on pinterest to get inspiration on how to go about making one when I came across this beautiful felt wings on the website which I instantly fell in love with.

I hit my local craft store to find felt. Fortunately/unfortunately they didn’t carry it, so I had to quickly come up with plan B with whatever was available there.

Here’s what I used to make the wings.

  • Poster board in black ( 22″ * 28″) – 1
  • Scrapbooking sheets in orange, yellow and white – 2 sheets each
  • Glue stick
  • Black elastic – 2.5 ft long
  • Stapler

Fold the poster board in 2, vertically and draw one wing. ( You can size it according to your needs. Mine is approx 12″*14″). Cut it out and then open it up.

For patterns on both wings to be symmetrical, you need two of every design. To make your job easier, place same color sheets on top of one another with right sides touching. Draw and cut out the designs.

Arrange them on the wings and glue them in place.  I loved the Chelsea’s patterns on  and tried to match mine to hers. I added some simpler design to the back of the wings as well so that both sides photograph well.

IMG_8077 IMG_8075

For straps, I used black elastic. To attach them, I stapled them to the backside. I know it looks like there are a gazillion pins, but I just wanted to be sure it is strong enough and doesn’t come apart (You could choose to sew in on if you prefer)


I wanted to hide the pins by glueing on some additional designs. Unfortunately, I am out of orange paper, so I am going to let it be as the pins are hardly visible. Now that I think about it, I should’ve attached the elastic right after cutting out the wings so that the stapler pins get hidden when I glued patterns on top of it.

What I love about these wings is how they flap like real butterfly wings when your little one is moving around.

Though it is quite sturdy, do remember at the end of the day this is just paper. It can bend/tear easily. Don’t expect it to survive multiple halloweens 🙂

p.s. Please excuse the pics. I hadn’t planned on writing a post about this project. It just turned to be so fun and easy that I decided to go ahead and share the tips. I am sure a lot of you moms will be looking for ways to make wings for your little fairies/elves/bugs/butterflies 🙂


Have a fun and safe halloween!

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