DIY Flower Balloons

Make these super cute DIY balloons for your next party or to cheer up your girl friend or simply to keep toddler busy (even if its only for a few min :D). They are super simple to make and pretty sure to bring a smile on every face.


The steps are pretty simple

Blow up 7 balloons – 5 for petals, 2 for the center ( If you want to keep them perfectly even sized, cut out circular holes on a cardboard and ensure all your balloons fit the hole snugly)

Tie them in groups of 2 and 3.  

Now tie all 5 petals together.

Twist the center pieces around the petals in such a way that they hold the petals in place. Once done, the two center pieces should be on opposite sides of the flower.

There you go. One way to display them is to hang it from the cieling. This looks very nice outdoors or on the porch where and ballons can sway in the gentle breeze.  

You could also fix it to the wall with a painter’s tape or double sided tape. (If you tape isn’t double sided, just make a little loop with the tape such that both sides are sticky. Attach one end to a center piece and the other on to the wall.) I did this for a party we had recently and the balloons held up pretty well. They stayed intact for the entire event.

Here’s a quick recap:

Until next time, Happy Making!

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