DIY Peppa pig themed birthday party

My daughter is the BIGGEST Peppa pig fan EVER. Believe me, when I say she’s watched every episode a gazillion times and knows every line by heart, I am not exaggerating. She can look at a still from an episode and enact the entire episode. She’s watched it so many times now that teachers at her preschool tell me she has a noticeable British accent. LOL!

When her 3rd birthday was approaching, it was easy for me to decide the theme.  There was one big catch though – surprisingly, there are very few Peppa pig themed party supplies available in the stores in US and they aren’t as fun as I would’ve liked them to be. This meant there was a fair amount of DIY involved (Yaay!!!), and yes, for me a good amount of motivation came from the fact that my little one was super excited about having a Peppa pig party and couldn’t wait.


For me, the most important part of this whole process was to work on a limited budget. I am happy to say that the entire cost of the decor – including the backdrop, table decor and balloons was well within $30, not to mention all the extra balloons that are left over for the next party.


For the backdrop, I bought two standard sized plastic table cloth, in sky blue and green. I cut out the green one to form the little hill and stuck it to the blue sheet with clear poster tape. The sun, clouds and house are just colored poster paper cut to the required shapes. I used regular acrylic paint to make the doors and windows. The Peppa and George cut outs are store bought which I found at the party decor aisle  at party city.


The apple tree stump is made from scrunched up packaging paper that came with an Amazon package, though I am guessing it should be easily available in office supply stores (if I am not mistaken it’s called butcher paper). The apples and leaves, as you can see, are balloons. I tied up the balloons randomly in groups of 4 first and then used transparent cello tape to attach it to the backdrop.( If you look closely, you can see the tape. I wish we had figured a better way to fix it to the wall, but we had very little time and had to rush through it. Also, I only used balloons hoping to add a 3D effect to the backdrop. You can easily cut out leaves and apples from construction paper.


Our party hall had a rule that only painter’s tape could be used for anything that went on the wall. Thats the blue tape you see all around the backdrop. (I would’ve liked a transparent one but didn’t find any in the stores. This doesn’t look so bad though)

Table decor:


For the table decor, I wanted a center piece, but wanted to keep it simple, inexpensive and yet very theme specific. I made these little duck ponds with blue and green crinkle cut paper shreds stuck to a construction paper. I found the duckies at my local dollar store. Aren’t they super cute.? Also, they cost just a dollar for a pack of 3.



Dessert Table:

I really have to thank Pinterest for all the awesome dessert ideas. The dessert table was so much fun to make and quite easy to put together.



Here’s what was served on the table for all the kids and adults to relish.

Goldie fish Jelly: This is just regular blue jelly in cute little dessert cups with a fish cookie inserted in them. goldie_!


Mud Puddings: Fill up little dessert cups filled with chocolate pudding and top it with crushed Oreo cookies. Insert a couple of gummy worms in them to make your very own mud pudding.



Dinosaur juice: I got lucky with this one. I found some Hawaiian punch in lovely green in my local grocery store. You can always use regular lemonade and add a few drops of food color to it. (Though I am not a big fan of using artificial food colors, I gave in this one time only because my daughter was so excited about having dinosaur juice for her party)


Rainy day pops: I made some boot shaped chocolate cake pops, inserted a stick in them and dipped them in white chocolate. The cake pops were the most popular item that day on the dessert table.


I also made a few round ones. I put them in little paper cups covered with images printed from the web.  To keep the pops in place and to prevent the cup from toppling, I filled half the cup with rice.

Making cake pops is an involved process and so it took some time to put together. The rest of the items were a breeze.

Cake: We ordered our favorite cake, tres leches from Safeway. The frosting took some explaining, but they finally understood it (more or less). I bought these Peppa and family figurines online which I used as the topper, which we brought home after the party for our daughter to play with.



Photo props:  We made these little piggy noses with some construction paper and skewers. Tutorial coming soon.

Wall decor (Flower balloons): We made lots of DIY flower balloons and stuck them on the wall with painter’s tape. I was pleasantly surprised to see that painter’s tape did a good job of holding the balloons up for the entire duration. Please see the tutorial here.

More ideas for the party you might want to try:

  • Play peppa themed background party music – A  playlist of all of the peppa pig songs is available in youtube.
  • Play a game of passing the parcel or musical chairs with peppa pig themed background music.


  • Try and do everything you can at the comfort of your home. It reduces a lot of last min stress.
  • Rope in a couple of friends/family to help u put up the decor. Explain to them your vision clearly.
  • If budget is a constraint, first try your dollar store for all party supplies before you hit the more expensive stores. For instance, I recommend buying table cloth from the dollar store, if you have them available in the colors that you prefer, as they are not really reusable and you don’t want to spend a fortune on them.

Until next time, Happy Making!


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