DIY door safety lock for homes with multiple kids

My 15 month old is very enthusiastic (not surprisingly) about opening doors and has gotten very good at it :). There are some danger zones like the bathrooms/pantry, I would like to keep him away from. I looked at a few safety locks available online. Price apart, they weren’t very easy to install without drilling a hole in the door. Also, most importantly, they did not satisfy another very important requirement of mine. I needed my 3 yr old to open and close the door independently without me having to run to open it every time she needs to use the bathroom.

Here’s a quick solution I came up with. It literally costs nothing as its made from a cardboard boxes and few strips of heavy duty fasteners/velro. Pick up a 3-4 inch wide cardboard or plastic box. If it isn’t very sturdy, stuff it with shredded paper or plastic bags. Cover with decorative paper. Its best to wrap or paint it the same color as your door if you don’t want it to show as much. Take strips of velcro fasteners and tape one side to the box and the other to the door, taking care to place it right below the handle.

handle2 handle3

This way the downward movement of the handle is blocked. The only way to open the door now is to move the handle up instead of down. This works brilliantly as my 15 month old isn’t able to pull the handle down, but my 3 yr old has learnt to move it up and then get in.

For the first few days, the little one did try (very hard, I should say) to grab the box and pull it down. I made sure the box was wider that this palms, which made grabbing the box/pulling it down difficult. Same reason why I also used heavy duty velcro. Now he has made his peace with it and hardly tries to open the doors by himself.

Point to note: Pls. don’t risk attaching anything heavy as the blocker. Try to use cardboard or plastic boxes. Just in case your little one is strong enough to pull it down or the velcro/glue gives away, you don’t want anything heavy to fall on your child.

Until next time, happy making!


2 thoughts on “DIY door safety lock for homes with multiple kids

  1. Excellent solution! But given children learn things really quickly and they get stronger over time, it is probably just a question of time until your 15-mo-old learns to push the knob up 🙂


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