30 min pillow lounger

Every time I visit my little niece and nephew, I like to carry something handmade for them. I’ve made several things from little baby clothes, personalized pillow covers to aprons. Inspired by a few designs on Pinterest, I made them what I call a “pillow lounger”. A pillow lounger is nothing but simply a bed made of pillows. Its such a fun, versatile little mat that kids (it can easily fit adults too) can plop on indoors or outdoors – be it a sleep over, a movie night at the grandparents’, a backyard stargazing night, camping night out or simply lounging on a hot summer afternoon.



My challenge was that I needed to make two easy to differentiate loungers in two varied colors. To make it cost effective, I picked out a twin duvet cover from IKEA which had fabric with two different but co-ordinating prints on each side  There you go, I had all the fabric I needed for just $15. Again, I can’t begin to tell you how much I lOOVE Ikea. It has come to my rescue more than once.

To begin, I separated out the two sides. This gave me two individual twin size sheets.

The actual making of the lounger is pretty straight forward.

First of all, close all unfinished seams to reduce fraying.

Fold the fabric lengthwise (wrong side out) to create a pillow casing (around 20″ in length). Leave about 5-6 inches on the side. This would later become the flap to keep the pillow from moving.


Fold this flap the the other way around. Pin and stitch the two ends. This will end up looking like one enormous pillow case.dsc_0011

Turn it right side out. ( This time the flap would appear between the two sides of the pillow case. Pin the edges again. Mark out 5 equal sections ( each should be around 17-20″ wide). Sew them close.




There you go, You’ve made an equivalent of 5 pillow cases sewn together. Now find every pillow in your house and stuff it in the case 🙂


The kids had a gala time stuffing thee up with pillows and trying them out..Looks like they even took it to movie night at school.

ps: I notice that stores like Walmart also have some good and “not so expensive” twin sheets. Another plus with buying ready sheets is that you don’t even need to close any unfinished seams.

Also, there are some very good offers on pillows in stores like IKEA and Walmart with starting prices around $2 or so.

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