Halloween special- Bat girl costume and other felt costume ideas

Yup! Halloween is back and so am I with a couple of interesting ideas on how to dress your kids up with fun (really inexpensive) homemade costumes.

Halloween is THE time for DIY. Its a great opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. I am constantly baffled by how expensive the halloween costumes can get. Even if one could afford that, there’s no doubt that these barely worn costumes quickly end up in landfills. I always insist on home made costumes or at least hand me downs. Saving the planet while saving some hard earned money doesn’t sound like a bad deal, huh? Also, involving your kids also in getting their custom made attires ready could be such a fun bonding activity for the family.

My sister is my favorite when it comes to DIY and crafty ideas. She’s always been the artist in the family and I’ve time and again been inspired by her interesting, yet simple ideas that are so practical (I personally am a big fan of practical ideas). Today I want to showcase one such fantastic idea.

I would also like to highlight the use of felt for projects like these.  Felt is a textile material that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. Felt can be made of natural fibers such as wool, or from synthetic fibers  like rayon or even with blended fibres. The cool part about it is that it cuts clean like paper but folds like fabric. It is pretty sturdy and doesn’t tear, nor does it leave open seams.

Presenting – Bat Girl!

What if I told you this entire costume will cost you less that $8 to put together? All you need is couple of sheets of yellow felt, a sheet of gold/glitter foam, 1 sheet black felt or foam, black fabric for the wings, glue or if you prefer sewing, a needle and thread.

The steps are mostly self explanatory – Take a plain black T shirt and tights/shorts and start embellishing it. If the shirt has some design  in the front, you can always turn it inside out or paste some black felt on it to cover it.

If you choose to do wings, just buy a yard of black fabric. Cut it out into a triangle. Cut out c’s on 2 sides which make the wings. The plain side gets sewed on to the shirt all along the back and the on to the sleeves. (If your t shirt only has short sleeves, you can sew one end of the wing to the wrist bands instead)
For the Wristbands, Cut out 3-4 inch felt bands, glue gold embellishments and sew it to the sleeves.

Cut out a Batman motif in felt. Add a thick black border with sharpie for a crisper effect. Glue it to the front of the shirt.

Make a waist band similar to the wristbands. Add a big golden foam buckle. You could either attach the belt to the shirt or use velcro closure or even a button if you want a better fit.

The boots are my most favorite part. It’s ingenious!

Take any pair of shoes/boots. Cut out felt in the shape of a horse shoe. Attach another band of felt on to the inner side of this for the boot legs. (Remember, a little bigger is better than smaller. You could always chop off the extras from the top and bottom).  Just wrap this piece on the shoe and glue the felt together to wrap it snugly around the shoe. 

For the mask, just cut it out from a piece of black felt and attach a string/elastic to the sides.

And there you have it! A complete bat girl look in one afternoon, all homemade and ready to go!

There are a couple of other felt projects I’ve worked on which’ve been pretty successful too.

Ghost poncho: Fold a rectangular or square fabric into two. Cut out a little neck hole in the center. Remember, felt stretches, so make the hole small. Make a ghost face with sharpie or construction paper. For the beanie, cut out a rectangular piece, join the ends together to make a cylinder. Cinch one end together to make the beanie.

Peter Pan’s vest & cap: Fold a rectangular piece of fabric into two. Cut out arm holes and a neck hole. Make a slit in the center and sew the sides together to make the vest. Cut chevrons in the bottom. Attach a red belt to it. For the cap, cut out a circle. Cut across the radius. Join to form a cone. Add some felt feathers (or even real ones 🙂 ). Pair this with some green/brown tights and boots and there you go!

Hope you all have a creative and safe halloween!

Until we meet next, Happy Making!

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