This page is where I share my love for baking, sewing and crafts. I am a proud Home MAKER, currently a stay at home mom and loving every ‘other’ second of motherhood :). I am very experimental with the way I work. This site will mostly contain my baking experiments and my DIY Craft and Sewing projects.

I am very iterative when it comes to baking. They say Baking a cake is an exact science. I want to device a formula for it. A formula thats easy to remember and works for a huge range of cases. Phew!

A lot of my sewing/craft projects are inspired by the works all the wonderful people on the internet who so lovingly share their passion with the world, with a few improvisations by yours truly. Most of my work is very utilitarian with a goal to blend beauty with meaning.

Welcome! Hope you enjoy, learn, share and visit again!

Reach me at thebakerhomemaker@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. You have done an amazing job of writing and maintaining this blog. I started making puja mandirs after I realized that there are no one in US making those 9 years ago. People were using modified counter tops or cabinets to meet the needs. My journey of learning the wood skills has been awesome except I haven’t been able to cut the prices to match Ikea as the materials I use are high grade plywood, 1/2 inch ack for photo frames and a laminate instead of paper to prevent water damages. Pretty much all the profit we make at the end of the year goes back in Sale or buying new and better equipment for my shop and cover insurance for the business.

    If you like our site, would you be willing to write about it as I want to make new affordable mandirs which are pre-assembled and look like real mandirs for our fellow Indians? http://www.pujamandir.com


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